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Street Sign Replacement: Feds Back Off Nonsensical Deadline

The federal government had a deadline on the books that would have cost nearly a billion dollars to meet and it did not make sense. Hard to believe isn’t it? The Fed had set a deadline of 2018 for all road signs to be replaced whether they needed it or not.

The deadline would have cost hundreds of millions of dollars by conservative estimates. Minnesota would have had to spend up to $75 million. Delaware was in line to fork over $60 million. New York City was looking at spending millions of dollars and would need 16 years just to complete the project, missing the 2018 deadline. You can see how the millions would just pile up across the nation.

The Obama administration is backing off 46 of the proposed deadlines. That leaves 12 in place, all of which are crucial to public safety. Items like railroad crossings without flashing lights and one-way signs wherever necessary will remain mandated.  Here at Car Loans Minnesota, we’re glad our state won’t be spending $75 million for unneeded replacements.